Separation Technology & Materials

Ion Exchange Resins

Ion Exchange resins for water softening, demineralisation, deionisation, steam condensate polishing, heavy metal, boron and nitrate removal.


Utilisation of advanced processing techniques and proven manufacturing technology combine to create Resinex™ spherical ion exchange resins. Resinex™ resins exhibit properties of high capacity, excellent mechanical stability and reliable performance.

Principal usages include industrial and commercial softening, decarbonisation, catalysis, decolorisation, demineralisation, drinking water

treatment, purification of liquid sweeteners, removal of contaminants from electroplating effluent, waste water treatment and numerous additional applications.

Resinex™ ion exchange resins are approved and certified to meet the requirements of European Council Resolution AP 97 (1), the US FDA regulation CFR Section 21 § 173.25 and several additional international standards.

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