Separation Technology & Materials

Diacel Cellulose Filtration Fibre

The DIACEL® product series was specifically developed for solid-liquid filtration, and also offers very good properties for other applications, e.g. in surface treatment and as a pressing aid. DIACEL® products are different from other filtering aids because they are purely organic, produced from regenerative raw materials exclusively. The raw materials of DIACEL® products are composed of celluloses extracted from various plants. All DIACEL® filtration products are bio-degradable and offer high sustainability and outstanding environmental compatibility. Ecological and monetary benefits result specifically when disposing of filter sludges and in the recovery of raw materials.


Food filtration
Sugar, beer, wine, fruit juice, kitchen oil.

Industrial non-food
Chemical solutions, mineral oils/cooling lubricants, grinding waters, galvanic baths, sewage.

Pharmaceutical applications
Antibiotics Blood plasma, proteins, vitamins, cell disruptions.

Benefits in use of DIACEL® fibres:

  • Low consumption volumes
  • Extension of the filter service lives
  • Material protection of the filter system
  • Low waste volumes
  • Medical compatibility

Pressing Aids

The special structure of DIACEL® cellulose fibres, allows them to be used in drainage systems for hard-to-press sludges. The application of our products leads to acceleration of the pressing process as well as reduction of the residual moisture in the pressed cake.

DIACEL® fibres are used, amongst other applications, in enzyme production and fruit pressing.

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