Separation Technology & Materials

Water & Wastewater Purification

STM offers a wide range of filtration products to purify liquid streams. Ultrafiltration membranes to remove turbidity, suspended solids, and pathogens such as bacteria and protozoae from water. Microfiltration membranes to clarify beverages. Highly pure Cellulose Fibres offer a less abrasive media than inorganic alternatives, can be used over a wide pH range 4 - 14 and are biodegradable and inert. They do not influence the taste or odour of filtered liquids.

Ion exchange resins are used for water softening, demineralisation and dealkalisation, selective ion removal, heavy metals, boron and nitrate removal from water.

Activated carbon efficiently removes VOC’s, residual pesticides, taste and odour compounds geosmin and MIB (2-methylisoborneol) and other contaminants from water. Food products and beverages can be decolourised or purified to remove degradation products, precursors and other unwanted components. De-chlorination of process water is a standard duty for activated carbon.

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