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CLAIRIFY Quantum Disinfection Water Purification Units

quantum disinfection

No power needed.

Off-grid? Power outages? CLAIRIFY Quantum Disinfection Media units are not electrical devices. They require no power to work. 

No chemicals used.

Claire Quantum Disinfection Media adds nothing to the water. It does not contain or produce disinfection byproducts. No trihalomethanes are formed in potable water. Claire Quantum Disinfection Media removes pathogens through surface contact only, and by adding nothing to the water to provides safe disinfection.

Whole house and point-of-use products

Whether you need to disinfect at point of entry to a household, disinfect a single tap outlet or purify your RV or boat drinking water tank outlet, CLAIRIFY has an appropriate product.

Low maintenance. Claire Quantum Disinfection is simple and operator-friendly due to its low maintenance requirements. Because Claire Quantum Disinfection is a media-bed disinfection application, there are no bulbs to clean, no lamps to repair, and no chemicals to transport and store. Simply replace the cartridge at end of life. 

Installation ease. 

CLAIRIFY Units are either in-line or click-in. Simple to install.

Proven results. Validated by numerous 3rd-party agencies, including the U.S. EPA  the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and NSF, Claire Technologies Quantum Disinfection Media has been rigorously tested in laboratory and field settings.

NSF 42 and 61. Claire Quantum Disinfection Media for potable water is NSF 42 component certified and certified by IAPMO R&T to NSF/ANSI standard 61.




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