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Catalyst Regeneration & Rejuvenation

OptiCat Catalyst Regeneration

MBR (Moving Belt Regenerator) Porocel’s proprietary moving belt regeneration process represents the best possible regeneration solution available in the industry.

  • Inert gas strip of volatile hydrocarbons or water
  • Exact temperature control with fast control dynamics & cooling ability for exotherms
  • Plug flow for identical particle residence times for each catalyst being regenerated
  • Customized regeneration according to unique characteristic of contaminants and catalyst
  • Zone control for optimum conditions of air flow and temperature exposure
  • Minimized physical abrasion of the catalyst
  • Careful cooling of regenerated catalyst to prevent thermal shock

Catalyst is regenerated with minimum deterioration of physical properties such as surface area, pore volume, particle length and undergoes optimum conditions to regain the best possible activity.

Catalyst Rejuvenation

Porocel is licensed globally to provide ENCORE revitalization of Criterion Centinel and Centinel Gold catalysts. Porocel is also approved by Haldor Topsoe for pre-ReFRESH™ regeneration.

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