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Catalyst Presulphurizing

actiCAT® ex situ Catalyst Presulphurizuing

Porocel actiCAT® presulphurization is a unique, proprietary process in which sulphiding agent is tightly bound to catalyst in an organic matrix. During the presulphurization process, a range of sulphiding chemicals are generated. These chemicals react with hydrogen over a broad temperature range resulting in a gradual and controlled activation.

Activation of actiCAT® presulphurized catalyst is fast and easy. For a typical hydrotreater start-up, actiCAT® saves about 18 hours compared with in-situ sulphiding. For hydrocrackers and very large hydrotreaters, the time savings can be on the order of several days.

In addition to time savings, actiCAT® presulphurized catalyst eliminates the handling of toxic, odorous sulphiding chemicals and the need for temporary pumping stations. Also, since each catalyst pellet is treated with sulphur, actiCAT® catalyst provides high levels of catalyst activity with minimal chance for metals reduction.

Technical Service

In order to help the refiner enjoy the maximum benefits of actiCAT, we provide technical advice on startup procedures. Onsite technical assistance during startup can be provided upon request and will be charged at cost.

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