Separation Technology & Materials

Catalysts & Catalyst Services

Throughout Australasia STM provides Catalyst services with Porocel LLC. Services are designed to help refining, petrochemical, and gas processing plants get the most out of their catalysts and adsorbents. Regeneration and rejuvenation services restore catalyst activity for reuse. Spent hydroprocessing catalyst can be acquired and processed either for reuse or metal reclamation, helping our customers maximize value and minimising waste.

Porocel's ActiCAT® presulfurization process can lead to quicker startups and virtually eliminates the risk of metals reduction.

Length grading technology offers an efficient, low cost solution to pressure drop problems, and density grading technology enables the reuse potential of CCR catalyst providing significant savings on purchasing new catalyst.

Porocel offers a wide variety of quality hydroprocessing catalysts and grading materials for resale. All catalysts are thoroughly evaluated, both physically and chemically, to ensure conformance to rigorous guidelines for regenerability prior to selection for Porocel’s resale pool.

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