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Purification Adsorbents

Porocel LLC manufacture activated alumina products for every Refining, Petrochemical and Hydrocarbon Processing application.

Porocel adsorbents remove contaminants to ensure the reliability, performance and product quality of your process and products are backed with solid customer support. We can review in depth, your process to optimise unit operation, tailor an adsorbent solution and provide on site and remote technical service.


Contaminants and our products designed to remove them:

  • Chloride:

Chlorocel 901. Specifically promoted. High loading. Excellent resistance to green oil and organic chloride formation.


  • Organic Chloride:

Chlorocel RCL. Metal Oxide Promoted. Trim layer for Organic Chloride destruction.


  • H2S, COS, CO2:

Dynocel 628 Highest dynamic capacity for acidic gas compounds.


  • Oxygenates:

Dynocel 650 No preload step. Specialty adsorbent for removal of polar compounds from olefinic streams.


  • Oxygenates/H2S, COS, CO2:

Dynocel 680 No preload step. Specialty adsorbent for removal of both polar compounds and acid gas compounds from olefinic streams.


  • Hydrogen Sulfide, Mercaptan, Arsine:

Dynocel ASR. Metal Oxide promoted. High affinity for hard to adsorb organic compounds.


  • Mercury Removal:

Dynocel Hg. Metal Oxide Promoted High affinity for elemental, inorganic and organic mercury compounds.


  • HF:

Fluorocel 830 (Alkylation Premium Grade) Spherical promoted fluoride adsorbent tailored for optimum activity towards organic fluoride decomposition and HF removal. Promoter maximizes fluoride loading capacity with significant reduction in coking tendency.

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