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Zeochem’s beginnings date to 1818 with the manufacturing of chemicals in Uetikon, Switzerland. Molecular sieve manufacture began in Uetikon in 1973. In 1979 molecular sieve production expanded to Louisville , Kentucky, USA. Today Zeochem has manufacturing sites in Uetikon,Switzerland; Louisville, Kentucky; Lianyungan, China and Bosnia Herzegovina. Zeochem maintain their traditional high standard of manufacturing, innovative products and customer focused research and development.

Zeochem Molecular Sieve Applications

Natural Gas Processing

  • Dehydration of natural gas and natural gas liquids
  • Removal of CO2, H2S, mercaptans and other impurities from natural gas or natural gas liquids

Hydrogen Production or Recovery

  • Drying and purification of H2.
  • Thermal swing or pressure swing adsorption

Basic Petrochemical and Synthesis Gas Processes

  • Purification of natural gas feed
  • Drying and purification of the reformer gas prior to the ammonia loop
  • Treating of ammonia off-gas streams Olefin and polyolefin production
  • Drying of cracked olefin gas, ethylene and propylene products
  • Dehydration and purification of ethane feed to the cracker
  • Impurity removal from polyolefin plant feed (catalyst protection from oxygenates, sulfides)

Industrial Gases

  • Dehydration and CO2 removal from air for cryogenic processing
  • Separation of high-purity oxygen from air via Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) or Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA)
  • Recovery of inert gases by adsorption

Petroleum Refining

  • Dehydration of light-ends (e.g. olefin) for cryogenic recovery
  • Purification of feed to catalytic processes such as isomerization, dimerization and alkylation units

Fuel Ethanol Production

  • Bulk water removal at the azeotrope
  • Purification of food- and pharmaceutical-grade ethanol
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