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Inert Support Media

Designed for nearly every catalyst and adsorbent application, Durocel inert bed supports balls are top-of-the-line, low cost and backed by 10 years of product development, technical service and performance improvement.

Porocel Bed Support Ball Products

Durocel 222 is a highly inert vitrified silicon/aluminium oxide composite ceramic. Used in a variety of adsorptive and catalytic applications, Durocel 222 is highly resistant to mechanical stress and thermal shock.

Durocel 235 is ideal for use in applications and catalytic processes demanding the highest level of protection against unwanted chemical reactivity and contamination and also ideal in those applications sensitive to silica. Durocel 235 is fired to high temperature during manufacture to create a low porosity material eliminating risk of shrinkage. Resulting physical characteristics yield excellent resistance to thermal and mechanical shock and abrasion. High chemical purity and mechanical integrity result in one of the most inert support media available.

All Porocel inert support materials are tested routinely to ensure consistent properties. With compositional and physical testing, Thermal shock, rapid depressurisation and impact tests are conducted.


VFF DuraTop® Bed Topping Media

Manufactured by Vereinigte Füllkörper-Fabriken GmbH & Co. KG.

A covering layer of DuraTop® on top of catalyst beds will help prevent particulate impurities from entering the bed, whilst aiding in the pre-distribution of the liquid or gas feed. DuraTop® media's large free-gap volume provides low pressure drop properties.


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