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Air Dryer Desiccant

Porocel Air Dryer Desiccant

One of the primary applications for desiccant materials is in the dehydration of air. Essentially any manufacturing facility requires dry air for operating pneumatic devices (valves, switches, etc.), providing good quality air purge for instrument enclosures, or as a general utility. A high quality desiccant ensures reliable operation.

Desiccant attributes of

  • high water loading capacity
  • high crush strength and
  • low attrition

enable more water to be removed per cycle, provide dust free operation (no clogging of tubing valves and gauges) and a longer service life.

Dryocel 848 is a high performance spherical desiccant, industry proven and available in a range of particle sizes with packaging to match requirements. Dryocel 848 is produced at Porocel’s manufacturing facility in Little Rock, AR USA.

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