Separation Technology & Materials

Activated Carbon Adsorbents


Purification solutions based on Activated Carbon.

STM offer Jacobi Carbons  wide range of performance activated carbon products to provide tailored purification solutions. Pressure drop, pore structure, form factor, enhanced adsorptive properties are balanced to best meet purification requirements.

Protect health, me​et emission standards, control foul odours, protect against corrosive gases.

Remove organic contaminants, pesticide residues, colour and odour. De-chlorinate. Purify effluent water for reuse.

Process Fluids
Remove harmful contaminants to protect catalyst, protect against corrosion, maintain fluid performance, remove degradation products. Remove colour. Enhance finished product.

Process Gas & Vapour
Recover solvent vapours, remove mercury, remove H2S and organics.

Food & Beverage
Remove unwanted flavour, odour and colour compounds.

Jacobi Brands

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